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Instructors Endorsement Pack


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Instructors Endorsement Pack

Instructors Endorsement Pack
Contains 13 sheets of labels. Each sheet has ten 2" x 4" copies of a specific endorsement. Each endorsement label is identified by title and FAR number and has the exact wording as required by regulations, and has data-prompted blanks for the students' name, CFI cert# etc.
6187B -“ Pre-Solo Aeronautical Knowledge 61.87(b)
6187C -“ Pre-Solo Flight Training 61.87(c)
6187N -“ Pre-Solo Training & 90 Day Renewal 61.87(n/p)(2)
6193B -“ Solo at Another Airport 61.93(b)(1)
6193C -“ 1" Solo X-C 61.93(c)(1)
6193C2 -“ Solo X-C 61.93(c)(2)
6193B2 -“ Repeated Solo X-C < =50nm 61.93(b) (2)
6194A -“ Solo in Class B, C & D 61.94(a)
6194AB -“ Solo to/from Class B, C or D
6135A -“ Taking Knowledge Test 61.35(a) (1)
61321 -“ Proficiency Check for Additional Category or Class 61.321
61309 -“ Passing Flight Test for Additional Category or Class 61.309
61313 -“ Taking Sport Pilot Practical Test 61.309

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